the promise of nanotechnology

nanotechnolgy - this is the future.
July 11, 2008 10:10am CST
hi friends!well i want to say that a drop of blood enough to analyse over 50 different health parameters in a minute or two.explosives planted in crowded areas being detected by sensors.vehicles with all sorts of sensors .proximity sensors and so on .this is only the barebones of what becomes possible ,thanks to advances in "nanotecnology". imagination is the limit and its application are vast.from the automobiles to health care,from energy to smart materials,nanotechnology can be used other has really begun in this world and has changed the life of many people.people have started making things very small and still capable to perform a lot of work,we might not have to do much work in the future and the life span of a person might reach upto 200 years!the cure of many diesease will be their and their may be many gadgets in this world which we cannot even imagine .we might become a litle lazy and we might even forget how to do hard work we might be sitting on a bed all the time and cleaning the house by only pressing a button we might become reluctand to get up.a t.v might be folded a hundred times and take anywhere we like!wow i am feeling really restless and cannot wait hope it comes quickly,i will wait because the one's who have patience will get anything they like that is what i have always heard. nanotechnolgy can also be used in combatting this is a treasure.what do you think?
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