Would you believe that the cats around here have learned to knock on my door?

@AnnaB7 (757)
United States
July 11, 2008 10:29am CST
I just figured this out a few minutes ago, the cats are outside on the porch they want to come in, but I want them to stay out, so they have been banging up against the door, it almost sounds like someone knocking,. if anyone happens to open the door they run in. Then it is hard to get them back out again. The puppies on the other hand want to go outside, but I like them to stay inside because they are so little and there are so many bigger animals outside, even the cats are bigger than the puppies, lol, and the puppies are afraid of the cats. Anyway the cats need to stay outside and stop trying to knock on the door, lol Do any of you have cats that try to knock on the door? That you want to stay outside, these cats need to stay outside because they make big messes the dogs don't. they are quiet and don't make messes the cats are noicy, the kids are noicy today to and they also want to be inside instead of playing outside it would be nice if everyone would just stay where they need to be today, lol. It is very pretty outside today so it is a good day for the boys to play outside they need the fresh air. at least I think so.
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• Lubbock, Texas
11 Jul 08
LOL My cat has always raised up and scratched on the door to get my attention. I had never noticed her knocking, but last summer while I was recovering from surgery, my daughter stayed with me. She was much more observant and has better hearing than I do. We were sitting talking and suddenly she started laughing and said Gracie's knocking on the door. I looked and sure enough she was raised up and just patting her front paw against the storm door. I didn't hear it but my daughter did.
@AnnaB7 (757)
• United States
11 Jul 08
cats are pretty smart i think