November 3, 2006 5:46pm CST
It was opening night in the NBA two nights ago. A new NBA season is now under way. The main question that would always pop in our mind would be 'WHO WILL BE THIS SEASON'S NBA CHAMPIONS?'. Of course there are several factors to be considered in choosing your bet for the most coveted Larry O'brien trophy or that diamond filled-customized NBA ring. Let's keep the ball rolling with a list of my top five teams in the NBA to vie for the throne:1. San Antonio Spurs If it wasnt for that pesky Ginobli foul, this Texas powerhouse who have made it to the finals. With their gritty defense and unselfish play, the Gregg Popovich boys would have been holding the coveted trophy on the opening night and receive those glitzly rings. But a new season has evolved. With the line-up back and in true form, this would be one of the team to be reckoned with. TD is a sure winner. 2. Dallas Mavericks They were about a few minutes away from taking the 3-1 lead in last season's NBA finals. But what the heck happened. Not only Wade rose to the occassion but they were not even able to slug it out in the next three games. See on how they will try to regain their confidence and take that chance again. 3. Phoenix Suns Health would be an issue here for the fast-paced Suns. They were pushed to the limits for during the playoffs last year. But it was interesting to see these guys still have a go at it. Raja Bell was a big factor. Now that he's back and in good shape along with Amare. Watch the Suns cruise-control the west coast. 4. Miami Heat They are the defending champions, so they have the respect of defending their crown. The whole line up is back. Even the waterboy is back. Will it be an advantage for them having the same guys or will other teams be able to know the recipe of their success? Sometimes a new face will make a team more dominant. 5. Cleveland Cavaliers Hoping everything work out this time, Lebron James got what it takes to get that ring. They have a healthy Larry Hughes who is a boost in the defensive end. The addiiton of Pollar gives them good hassle. Now it's up to the other guyz to step up every night and be consistent. The King is till young but who knows? There is still a lot of other teams to contend for the championship. Now its up to you to decide and bet on it...
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• Belgium
7 Nov 06
Detroit Pistons Big Ben may be gone but they still are one of the best (defensive) teams in the nba Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron James and healthy Larry Hughes can lead their team to the so wanted ring San Antonio spurs Great team with probably the best bench Phoenix Suns will go a long way but lack of defense will be the reason why they lose against San Antonio in the western conference finals I hope Cleveland will take it or Detroit would be nice to but i guess it's gonna be San Antonio this year
• Philippines
10 Nov 06
great analysis. we share the same views. looks like san antono is the favorite to go all the way. thanks for the response.
@usmcsgtwife (4997)
• United States
5 Nov 06
cavs - cavs
I have to say that I think the is KIng James and the Cleveland Cavs year= )
• Philippines
7 Nov 06
I also root for King James and the Cavs. Let's just hope that he'll stay healthy and that he'll get more help from the rest of his teamates.
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