How many hours sleep do you need?

July 11, 2008 3:57pm CST
Ideally I need 8-10 which I think is quite a lot. I am really grumpy if woken in the night and worry about when I have a baby I will not want to feed in the night!
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
12 Jul 08
For me, sleep is never enough and i can even sleep for the whole day.. lol ^_^ BUt it's not healthy to sleep for so long.. Normally my sleep is between 8-10 hours too, but i feel more fresh if my sleep is only between 6-8 hours ^_^
@mialei23 (2386)
• Philippines
12 Jul 08
Hi sho8780. I like to have a full and complete rest everyday so I prefer to have at least 8 hours sleep. If I can't sleep that long, I can't concentrate on what I'm doing and I feel weak and even light-headed. I experienced 4,3 and even 1 hours sleep before during my internship in hospital and I'm really sleepy during the day. To be healthy and be able to do our work properly we need to take some good and long sleep so we can be prepare for our everyday task. Thanks for the post and happy myLot. Keep on posting!
12 Jul 08
Hello Sho8780, I have only 6 hours sleep while my husband have 16 hours he makes up for my lost sleep. Tamarafireheart.
• United States
11 Jul 08
I really need 8 to 10. Anything less than that would send me over the edge of destruction. If I get less than seven hours I'm doomed for that day. I literally can't function. Hopefully when you have a baby you will learn that you will have to change, lol.
11 Jul 08
i used to need lots of sleep before i was a mother, but since then i have learned how to function on the bare minimun, i usually get around 4 to 5 hours sleep a night, that is because my son is hyperactive and only sleeps himself for around 5 hours so i have to be up with him, i have gotten used to it now but there are days when i would kill for 8 hours straight sleep!