Do you like feet?

July 11, 2008 4:30pm CST
OK everyone has something they don't like about bodies well mine is feet, I can't stand feet and really admire chiropodists and such like. My feet are bearable but I don't like touching other peoples (well apart from my sons as he is only 5). Anyway what are your views on feet? Do you spend loads of time caring for them, I don't spend loads of time on mine and know they need a bit more attention as there is dead skin on my heals, the only thing I do is keep my nails trimmed and painted! So give me your views!
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• Egypt
12 Jul 08
i agree with you cuz there lots of people do not take care of there feet although they can not move without their feet i wish people take care more of their body
12 Jul 08
Yes feet are certainly useful, so why don't we like them more? Strange really!
@mandykaren (2040)
11 Jul 08
A agree.. strange but really, i also do not like feet.. mens feet are even worse.. gross.. i never could understand why men love feet so much.. and thought of a man wanting to lick my feet is just ewwwwwww.. As i said.. mens feet are worse.. normally hairy toes hahaha and strange shaped lool and rough looking lol At moment i have blister under feet, due to shoes.. its getting better but dry skin hahahahah.. not pleasant lol We do tend to look after our hands more with moisturizers lol and feet get forgotten..
12 Jul 08
Yeah I think you are right about us looking after our hands better than our feet, blisters are horrible, hope its better soon, as for hairy toes . . . YUK YUK YUK!