would you believe? funny but strange

gambit - comicvine.com
United States
July 11, 2008 7:10pm CST
i thought i should share this cause in a way its kinda creepy. but really funny so here it goes. my husband works on a charter boat- meaning if people pay to go fishing they go fishing, if they pay for a sunset cruise, then that's what they get. and every now and again there is a funeral process or a "scattering of ashes" well that what happened the other day. a group of like 3 people got together to scatter the ashes of their grandfather, but the story itself is pretty funny. as my husband tells me,when they got on the boat no one knew what to say or do- then the comment was made that the box which held the remains was biodegratable, so before the engine stopped they heard a splash- the box was floating bobbing with the tide. the people were like "bye grandpa, well miss you." well they circled the box hoping that it would sink for an hour. finally my husband pulled it back onto the boat and had the people open it up and scatter it out on the water. but since it had already hit the water the ashes were a huge clup that fell into the water. then they threw the box back over board. and they left. well my husband and the captain cleaned the boat and washed everything off and the like- they both got off the boat to use the bathroom on shore. when they got back they saw seaweed foot prints that went from the back of the boat to the door of the cabin. my husband said it was weird since they werent there when they finished and the fact that the foot prints stopped just short of the door. the captain looked at my husband and told him to wash it off. --- grandpa coming back from the dead to say thanks for letting him out? or what? the story though was funny since the kids doing the whole thing asked my husband how they should do it, if there was something that needed to be said or what.
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@owstalaga (4561)
• Philippines
12 Jul 08
that's pretty creepy indeed... i don't even think it's funny but just creepy since the grandpa actually came by to where they were... woooo~ it's giving me goosebumps... maybe the grandpa "didn't want to leave yet" that's why the container didn't sink or something...
• United States
12 Jul 08
i dont know but it was funny since the people who were doing it didnt understand that they were suppost to dump the ashes first not just throw it over board. even the captian made a comment asking "did they just do what i think they did?" when he heard the splash. the people didn't even wait for the boat to stop before they just threw it. i thought it was creepy knowing that there were seaweed foot prints. since the seaweed we have here is on the bottom of the ocean and not on the top like else where in the world.
@halynn (1809)
• United States
12 Jul 08
what a strange story!