How much you understand about you are Girlfriends and Boyfriends?

July 11, 2008 7:36pm CST
We always go out together with our girlfriends or boyfriends.But how much u understand with them?izzit a couple always quarrel because they do not understand much about their girlfriends or boyfriends? For me i quite understand about my girlfriends, she must always go to shopping once a week, so i must always accompany her.Although i do not know why she so like to shopping but i still will accompany her because i love her.Izzit love is blind?Until now i still cannot answer this question.But my girlfriends always will take me good also , she will always call me up in the morning when i get the morning class.That is why i always appreciate her goods.And my girlfriends always want me to hold her hands when go out.She say that even though the war is coming also must hold her hand.Actually i also like to hold her hand because it will make us so close.What is you are one?
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@angel1001 (114)
• China
12 Jul 08
I have been with my girlfriend for 7 years,I think I understand her much.I learn more about her almist every thing.Between us there are many different ideas,but I konw that we love each other very much.This is sufficient..
12 Jul 08
if you and your gf have different idea that mean you will always quarrel with her or not ?me and my gf 2 years liao but we will always quarrel also cause sometimes we have different idea about one things !! but we will forgive each other again because we love each other mah !!
@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
12 Jul 08
..well, that's the beauty of having girlfriend or boyfriend.. you have somebody to spend your quality time.. and you feel you are loved and taken cared of.. Alhtough we don't expect that in a relationship, there will be no problems to face becaue problems are really part of a relationship.. This makes the love that binds the partners to grow stronger and firmer.. Love is not blind.. it just wants to always give.. Its because we always want our partners to be happy.. When we see them happy, we are happy too.. so enjoy the moment..
12 Jul 08
i think so ! When we see our girlfriends enjoy to do a things we will enjoy.That is how powerful love is !So you have you are experience having girlfriends?can share with us?