I'm Really Getting Annoyed By This....

United States
July 11, 2008 8:53pm CST
Don't you just hate that? When you respond to someones discussion that discussion of theirs becomes deleted and then you lose a number or two from your posting? Supposively I have like 667 posts now it is back to 665. If only some of the people on this site especially some of the newbies can read up more on the rules on what topics to avoid and post. It becomes discouraging when losing cents worth or more from posting some good quality responses especially if they are long ones. Makes me feel like wow I just wasted all that time and effort to post it on something that will soon be deleted. If there are some of the members that are on here that haven't read the rules of Do's & Don'ts I do recommend that you do so that you don't lose your posts and we as members don't lose are earnings from responding to them. You find the linkd on the very top right corner that says Mylot click that then you'll find the link that says mylot discussion guidelines. Follow it well and it says us a burden or two.
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@alkurishy (2069)
• Iraq
12 Jul 08
That was a good attention point and I agree with you they should read it and start their discussions. Have a nice day.
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• United States
12 Jul 08
Thanks for responding to it. I know it's something at times to deal with but when it happens all the time it gets frustrating. I'll just have to pay closer attention to which topics I respond to especially those that post too many referral links on their topics.
• Philippines
12 Jul 08
Your discussion just made me check and review the guidelines again. I had to be reread them, I nearly forgot about those. Thanks! But yeah, I get what your getting at, it is a little pesky that our "two cents" (literally) would be deducted because of discussions that violated the rules. I guess we can just hope that there won't be much of those happening that often in the future.