Ladies first or gentlemen first?

@XoyyoX (1055)
July 11, 2008 9:48pm CST
we know that we were not born absolutely equally. we also know that when we give a speech, it's like a norm that we start with saying "good..., ladies and gentlemen", you see, ladies come before gentlemen, but when i edit some ESL and English original textbook and grammar books, we can see that 'It will make him/her happy'; "He/she will come to the party", you see "he" comes before "she", lol, what's your idea? do you think who comes first, ladies or gentlemen in a real world level instead of the sentence order?
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@successlog (3172)
• China
12 Jul 08
hello friend, i think it is habit to people. maybe in all over the world,It is just a honor to female.Though female is effeminate.But they are greatly courageous indeed in some condition.So as male, we should honor the female.maybe we can consider we are man.we are stronger than woman,so we should protect the let them do something first.not a problem.Or there is really some superb spirit we should study,so let them first. As for me, i have a good my childhood, my teacher always said we should do the girl's favor.because we are boys.Now when i older, i understand the genuine meaning which it should be.woman and man are equal.and as a man.we should show our gentleman's spirit,let woman first !! Good luck
@amrishkj (297)
• India
12 Jul 08
I would as a gentleman say "LADIES FIRST".... This would make my lady feel definitely warm and she would care for me the same way that I do.