Are You Looking for a New Project for Yourself?

Hong Kong
July 11, 2008 11:01pm CST
Know that some of you have blogs, websites and hobbies etc. But are you on the go for looking new projects? I have built a website and a blog and they are somewhat doing ok. Then I feel like I am stuck. I haven't got any ideas of any future projects and I feel like I want some new projects and break-through in life. What about you? Or have you got any ideas in your heads already but haven't got time to investigate further?
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• New York, New York
28 Jan 14
Actually i am looking for this kind of information.You made various nice point in your post. I am really thankful to you. Have a nice day..
@youless (104245)
• Guangzhou, China
17 Jul 08
I have a new project lately. That is I want to paint a good painting. So I download such kind of painting lessons. And sometimes I watch them. And then finally I will decide what I am going to paint and I hope it works well. I love China
@gr8life (6252)
• Malaysia
13 Jul 08
Hello wondericequeen, I don't have any new projects to think of right now. But, my husband and I are busy with our on-going web based project. We are still at the initial stage and hope very much that it will be as what we expect it to be.
@Vladilyich1 (1454)
• Canada
12 Jul 08
My personal website is in desperate need of revision, but I haven't had the time in the past 6 months to touch it.
@drannhh (15237)
• United States
12 Jul 08
Rflmao, my head is always just teeming with ideas. I have so many articles rolling around up there that I'd like to write, and so many cartoons to draw, and so many projects awaiting that I know for sure I will never get to them all, even if I realize my goal of living another hundred years in good health and mental acuity.
@LouRhi (1502)
• Australia
12 Jul 08
YES!!! I know exactly how you feel. I am currently stuck at the moment, just waiting to make my breakthrough but not really knowing or taking the time to do it! By the way, I have looked at your site before and it is very good. You have some great ideas already in place and I too would find it hard to decide where you should go to next with it.