What is one thing that irritates you about your friend?

United States
July 11, 2008 11:53pm CST
As stated above what is one thing that irritates you about your friend? Mine is that I have a best friend and we have been friends since elementry so we know one another very well. What gets me pissed off is that she wont do anything. We graduated high school in 05 since then she has not gone onto college gotten a job nothing. Then she complains about not having any money. That is one things that is irritating about her. So how bout you guys? What irritates you about your friend?
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@nutanjain (898)
• India
12 Jul 08
the one thing that irritates about me my friend is that when i ask him to give me the latest games purchased by him he gives it but after a lot of time when i just request him to the level 6 and when he comes to get my games cd he just comes and takes away the games without even asking and thats a very bad thing about him whic irritates me and overaaall he is a very goood friend but only this part makes hum bad
@checapricorn (16065)
• United States
12 Jul 08
Hi baby, I have a close friend who is very insecure and negative thinker...she's a good and nice girl and supportive but she is not very confident about herself, she is always scared about things and other stuff... We are always trying to help her feel that she can do things but she wont stop being pessimistic..SO, most of the time, i will be giving her a sermon.. but, despite of it, we are still good friends!