Jesse Jackson is a SHAM!!!!!

@SHUGA81 (220)
United States
July 12, 2008 12:25am CST
I am pretty sure some of you have heard the comments made by Jesse Jackson towards Barack Obama. Jesse Jackson said that Obama talks down to black people and that he wants to dismember him (abiding by mylot rules). In my opinion, Jesse Jackson is a hypocrite and a sham. Barack Obama wants the black community to change, for fathers to start taking responsibility for their children and rise out of poverty whereas Jesse Jackson wants to keep poverty in the black community. And the reason being is that he wants to hold on to his job and keep making money. He sits there and calls himself a "reverend" but he sleeps with his staffer and gets her pregnant therefore bearing a child outside his marriage. Him and all these so called "reverends" need to go in a room somewhere and re-evaluate their titles. Quite frankly, I believe that Jesse Jackson is upset that Barack is finally doing something that Jackson couldn't accomplish. What do you think?
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