I just got my domain name working!

July 12, 2008 2:38am CST
I am so happy that the domain name that I bought a few days ago with mylot earnings is working now, It was not because they had disable DNS where I bought it from, DNS would let me to redirect my domain name to any free hosing account, actually I have my web site already running even before to buy the domain name, I bought that domain name because I wanted to improve my web site, I know it is too nerdy but it is very useful to anyone that have a class of linear algebra on their collegue, acutally this web site started as a project just to pass my class of linear algebra that I have to repeat two times, it just has right now a calculator to solve cramer's rule but I will add more calcualtor to other topics of linear algebra, I don't like much linear algebra but since I have to work in it so hard I wanted to get something of money from it, my web site is doing 11 dollars month so I think it worth to have a domain name, I have a online friend that help to fix the problem with my domain server, he is running a server in brazil and he made it work today, I thougth I would have to wait one month to have it working because I needed to pay a fee to enable the redirection where I bought the domain name, but anyway I am happy it is working now. now I just need to improve my ranting on alexa and google and I will get a good traffic to my web site. this is the new addres for my web site. www.linearalgebracal.com
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• Philippines
12 Jul 08
Well, it's good to know that you have done that through working on MyLot. It cannot be possible without it so why not give the makers of MyLot credit? Hehehe... Just wanted to congratulate you for making your own website and good luck in managing it!