Any Wonder Girls fans here ?

@pinkista (892)
July 12, 2008 6:11am CST
To those who didn't know Wonder Girls, consists of 4 members. It's a Korean girl group from JYP Entertainment. My favorite songs of Wonder Girls are Tell Me, Irony, Mianhan maeum and Wishing on the Star. I can say that they have wonderful voice and they dance really great. If you haven't seen or try listening to their songs, you should try it. Especially if you like asian songs.
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@shhheila (1845)
• Philippines
24 Jul 09
im a fan here! i like NOBODY and SO HOT!
@shhheila (1845)
• Philippines
2 Aug 09
actually they are 5 members!!! wonder girls: Sunye Ye-eun Sunmi Sohee Yubin
@Zhanec (1651)
• Malaysia
20 Jul 08
I can't say that i'm a fan of WG but i like some of their songs.Just recently i got really addicted to their new single hit song "So hot " .Yoobin,the rapper is pretty good in my opinion.
@pinkista (892)
• Philippines
21 Jul 08
Oh! Thanks for the comment. I agree that Yoobin is really great when rapping... So Hot is okay for me but I prefer their "Tell Me" song. ^__^
@secretbear (19448)
• Philippines
2 Feb 10
It's so sad that I stumbled on your discussion just now. I am a fan of Wonder Girls! I love them. They are so cute and they are good dancers and singers. They are really good performers. I don't tire of watching their music videos and their live performances in youtube.^^ I first got to know them thru their Nobody song. I instantly liked it and then I searched for their other songs and downloaded them. I also like Tell Me, So Hot, Irony and Ea Babo.^^ My two-year old niece loves their Nobody song! She can dance the chorus and imitate some simple moves and she's even trying to sing it!^^ She's like the Wonder Baby of Star King. Oh, me and my officemates actually danced Tell Me during our Christmas Party. I memorized the moves and taught it to my officemates.^^ I was hoping to dance Nobody but I couldn't memorize the dance steps so I chose Tell Me instead which has simpler dance moves.^^
@dheng30 (88)
• Philippines
20 Feb 10
hi i'm a fan of wonder girl but not that eager to research their names... i love there husband introduce wonder girls to me with the single NOBODY and to my daughter 2 years ago about Dec. 2008. Since their not that popular yet, (but they're known in Korea bout that time) we're the only one in the neighborhood who's singing nobody...the funny thing is that everyone in our neighborhood was asking what we are singing cause they havent heard it yet...after 3-5 months i think Nobody song was echoing thru our whole barangay... Everyone knows the dance, even using the dance on school daughter who was just 10 months knows how to dance nobody (waving her hand in the chorus part of the song)now she's 1 yr old she eben claps... What a song craze...
• United States
1 Jun 10
I love the wonder girls! Is anyone going to their US concerts? I'm going on June 5th in Atlanta!
10 Aug 12
i know and ilove wonder girls especilly Sohe ^^ they``re so cute and their songs are great! the dance too ...
@ratyz5 (7808)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
Hmmm, I only came to know these group when I attended an english camp for korean students. They would be playing "Nobody" during break times along with some songs from Rainism I only got their Wonder Years Album. I really find them entertaining but, like all groups in South Korea, a new group is getting popular. (^_^ ) None the less, I would always remember that camp with that song 'Nobody'
@bhebie9 (65)
• Canada
22 Aug 08
HAHA hey ate sheryl ^^;; nope... not a fan of WG :X I'm more of a SNSD fan. They're just so likable, but not their songs :X
@rainzero (501)
21 Jan 09
nak ng... tagalog pla ... hahaha! ok lng songs nila but not as good as i expect... they are cute but i like yoo bin most... their dance steps look so funny though... ahhaa!
@rainzero (501)
21 Jan 09
It's kinda weird or awkward since I'm a guy but i do like wonder girls! they are a group 5 singers - sun ye, so hee (so hui), ye eun, sun mi (su min) and yoo bin. i've been listening to three of their hits so far.. tell me, nobody and so hot. I like so hot most. hahaha!! i teach korean students that's how i learned about them... by the way, i like yoo bin most! she's SOOOO HOTTT!!!! no numeo ye pe o yo!!! anhyeong! ^_^