how do i get some info about guitar lessons?

July 12, 2008 6:58am CST
I'm a music lover since i was young,until now I'm not that good in playing guitar,can you give me some tips and tricks? Your comment will be appreciated.
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@godkid308 (105)
13 Jul 08
there is a site called,, it has free guitar lessons, and any song u ever thought of playing. when i use to learn on my own, this is the site i used, very friendly to begginers i must say.
• China
17 Jul 08
Wow~ Great website. I am also interested in playing guitar. I am wondering whether hire a teacher or learn it from internet online. I don't have enough money, so maybe i would learn it from online lesson.
@ocean4 (236)
• Canada
12 Jul 08
The best way to learn would be to hire a personal teacher. I got gutaire lesseons free in school so I dont really know any good programs or teachers. Try searching it up on the internet. Hope you can get a good teacher!
12 Jul 08
I think I could get one, but I prefer to learn on my own, so I rather search on the internet for some info about guitar than getting a personal teacher. Well anyway thank you for the advise.
• India
22 Jul 08 here are all free lessons and theory too to learn guitar for free, But it will really need hard work to learn from such a course my dad has learned really well from it but needs lots of effort, I am not making you afraid but be devoted, if are really a music lover you will do it I know. Hoped I helped you. Thanks and regards, Kunal, Inset Data Labs.
• United States
13 Jul 08
You sound like you need a teacher. I would try looking for someone local that can help you out. Or you can take courses online; I've seen paying sites and free ones. Guitar is really easy after you get the hang of it. I hope that you will continue to play for many years.
@Pigglies (9336)
• United States
12 Jul 08
I would look at the catalog for the local community college. I wanted to learn guitar since I was about 10, and at 17 I finally went to community college and took lessons. They were only $11 per semester, and I took 3 semesters. Not too bad.