I am loving my safari web browser

July 12, 2008 7:58am CST
I am really enjoying to use safari web browser, I just switched a few hours ago and now I think I will use only this web browser, it is really fast and my old computer is doing really good with this browser, I was getting stuck with Mozilla Firefox because my old computer was getting really slow with Mozilla, I also liked the spell checker that comes with safari, I think it is a bit better that Mozilla Firefox, so fast it have not crashed and I hope it doesn't, it have not closed for himself either, I think I will continue using safari until I get fixed my faster computer, I don't know maybe I would continue using safari, I remember that I once tried this web browser but for some reason I don't like it, but now it is doing well, I just have to make some manually setting up because safari installed on Spanish and there is not option for change the language.
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@amitavroy (4823)
• India
12 Jul 08
me as my friend I have same opinions about the browser as you have I really like the browser and although I have a Windows operating system I still downloaded the Windows version of the browser and I'm using it. Although there are some small problems have with the browser when you are using it on a Windows platform but I'm still using it for most of my browsing time because I just love the interface and the working of the browser the looks at great and everything goes so smooth that I could not keep my eyes away from it I am always a great lover of Macintosh and given a chance I will definitely buy a Macintosh beefy but right now I don't have it so I use the safari browser from the Windows platform and enjoyed the experience the time I get one. And with the new laptops introducing in India with a very competitive price I think it won't be long that I will have an apple laptop on my lap surfing the Web and knowing work on it. But he is there are few things I think and negative about the browser and Apple should look on it. For example when I'm to my trading of shares on eight the website does not render the pages properly and so I have to use Internet Explorer for the same.