Tina Tunner Live Concert In North America

July 12, 2008 11:22am CST
The legendary rock Tina Tunner is holding a live 36 concert in 20 US and Canadian city begininhg the first concert in Kansas city on October 1. This concert is sponsoring by Amway Global, is a part of celebration from changing the name from quixtar to Amway Global in North America and also as part of celebration to celebrated Amway 50th celebration. The sponsorship of Tina Tunner live concert in North America is part of Amway Global larger investment to help raise awareness of its business,opportunity and product. This is the first tour of eight years for Tunner, eight time Grammy Adward winner with seven top 10 singles who has sold nearly 200 million albums. As i known this day Tina Tunner is more that 40 years old,can Tunner still can rock and holding this big live concert across North America. Why Amway Global pick a legend rock queen Tina Tunner and not pick other popular rock singer like Linkin Park or Scopian and etc. I hope Tina Tunner can help Amway Global to help raise awareness of Amway Global business in all aspect. Do you think, nowday Tina Tunner is still can attract its old and new fans like the old day.
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• Australia
12 Jul 08
gosh good on her i would haved loved to have seen one of her concerts i think she's awesome,i did see her movie not long ago she certainly had a hard time of it with ike