Best ptc features

July 12, 2008 11:32am CST
Friends you might all know the ptc world and its way of earning. Now my questions are how would you rate a ptc site apart from earnings? What features do you look for? Do you like lots of ads loaded up daily say 50 ads which pays 0.005$ per click or that 10 ads where each click is of 0.01$? Do you like least payouts say $1,$2 payouts or $10 payouts? What do you do when payments from the ptc admins are delayed?will you give up the site,or will you fight with the admin,or that you just think that as a scam site and tell all your friends not to join? what was the best ptc you have joined till date?how many ads was the admin of the ptc site serving daily? When a ptc site is hacked and all your money is gone how did you felt and what have you done at that moment? If you think one of the ptc sites is good why do you feel so?what are features with which you compare it with? Do you believe in many ptc sites or few ptc sites to work on daily? would you love to stay standard member or premium member? would you love old ptc sites like and or new revolutionary ptc sites like neobux? Do you feel starting up a new ptc site is a good idea? How many hours do you spend on ptc sites daily? After joining many ptc sites are you able to manage your time? If a ptc site has taken long time to give you the referrals that you have purchased what did you do? How did the admins respond to you when you were not getting the payments? Do you like to leave an offline message or that you like a live support? Have you observed offlate many ptc sites are coming on to scene and going out the next day, what might be the reason you guess? How much on average a day you make from ptc sites? These are the basic questions which come into mind when you are a newbiee at ptc world and i want how you feel with these questions.Please let us know the ptc's which you feel are good.But for security reasons dont leave any referral links its for your goodness. Thank you for your patience.Have a nice day.Cheers Moin
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