All the gaming enthusiasts...... who love to use GTX 280, jump in

GTX 280 Tri Way SLI. - It is GTX 280. It supports Tri-Way SLI, it is a monster and when it is used in the SLI Format, it runs like a beast. everygame has to surrender to it. and I mean every game. It uses the latest PCI Express x16(2.0) interface slot.
July 12, 2008 12:05pm CST
Hey everyone. I thought I should start a discussion about the latest installment in the list of nVidia Video Cards. It is the best and the most powerful video card ever. So, everyone who loves extreme and hardcore gaming, just come in and reply as much as possible.
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13 Jul 08
Hi i think this card GTX 280 is the best card ever, I have 2 cards in SLi mode and i have never come accross a card like it. its just so powerful and eats games up for breakfast.
@degger (103)
• Sweden
12 Jul 08
That can't be so cheap. It's to Earlie to buy such a good card in my opinon. But it's cool ofc. Tri way sli not bad.
@ferdzNK (3214)
• Philippines
12 Jul 08
That is a very expensive one around $500 to $600, definitely not for common users, I've read an ATI HD 4800 will do at a much lesser price.