How would you react when you accidentally meet with a long-lost friend?

@yenwie84 (1345)
July 12, 2008 8:59pm CST
I had this experience before when I was 18 years old I supposed. I accidentally met a long-lost friend,it was out of expectation. Out of sudden, the first thing I did was ran away from the place and tried to avoid her from seeing me. Now I recalled back the incident, I felt that I was so stupid. Why I had such reaction that time? I think mainly because I felt embarrassed that I scared she would not recognize me, if I went up to greet her,but she seemed not to remember me,then I would feel so shameful. After I have grown up, now I am not afraid of such things happen to me again. Whenever I meet with long-lost friends, I will stand out and introduce myself to refresh their memories. I think it's hard that we have a chance to meet up with good old friends,we should appreciate the chance whenever there is. Please feel free to share with me, and be part of my friends.
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• United States
13 Jul 08
You know, I used to feel this way about meeting people that I have known a long time ago. A while back, I was in WalMart and I actually went up to this girl I knew from elementary school. We had mutual friends and talked cordially just about everyday. But when I went up to her, she acted like she didn't know me. That's hard to believe because I have a beauty mark right under my eye. Not much people in the world do lol. But it was fine if she wanted to act like that. Since then I decided I wasn't going up to anyone to say hi. They had to come to me. But I did kind of let go of that. I kind of just look at the person to see if they recognize me. If they say something, then I decide to say hi. But I wouldn't want to put myself out there like that again lol.