Ever heard of the Amero??

United States
July 12, 2008 9:32pm CST
most americans have not and here is why-- bush and other leaders from canada and mexico have gotten together to find a tready that allows no borders. translation: a huge high connecting from mexico all the way to canada. with no border checks coming to and from. drug dealers and the like are free to pass through all three countries which will soon be known as North America Union. fact: the american dollar has drop- we are no longer able to make a dollar go as far as it once did with gas prices and food costs rising. governments solution: the Amero. similar to the Euro and the effect it has had in uniting the governs of europe. so what will happen? america will go into major debt, governments will claim that this will be the only way out of it and that is to instate the Amero. which will combined the paso and the cadian dollar with the american dollar. now my question is this- if this was bush's idea and is engaged in making this happen, who's to say that he (bush) will allow for a new president to step in. yeah right- oh and did you hear about what is going on with islam? they are saying pretty much death to christians and trying to enstate Islam religion as the only real religion to worship. dont believe me- read this http://wnd.com/index.php?a=PAGE.view&pageId=69163 and http://americandaily.com/article/14349 then end my friends is closer than we think. what are you doing???
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