Would you be interested in testing a new PTC site with me for the next 30 days?

United States
July 12, 2008 9:43pm CST
I found a new PTC site with some very nice differences that I think you may find interesting. If you like the sites that pay at least one cent for each ad and 50% referral earnings, plus has a very low $2.99 minimum AlertPay payout, you might want to check it out. I have seen the value of having help to test the unproven PTC sites and have been able to save months of wasted time on a program that can't prove itself quickly. It usually helps when your "helper" is also interested in ptc as a way to make some extra money online. By working with other active members this way, you can start seeing results right away with noticable balance increases and a much reduced testing period. If you are interested in helping me test this one, I don't think it'll take very long to know, for sure, one way or the other since the minimum is so low. For the last two days, I have had an average of 20 ads each day, so calculated with the $2.99 minimum, it should take just over two weeks to reach the minimum, even without help. According to the terms: Quote: When do I get paid? You can request for payment once you're account balance is at least $2.99. Your payment will be processed and issued via Alertpay within 7 days (Standard members will be paid within 7 days and premium members within 72 hours). You can only request one payment at the time. So all together, with 2 full weeks of clicking the ads everyday, and the one week processing time, I can see having an actual payout in hand (or AlertPays hands anyway) in less than 30 days. With some help, we could easily reduce that! So, What do you think? Would you be willing to test it for 10 minutes each day over the next 30 days, knowing it wouldn't take months to get paid? Would you be willing to share your observations and let us know if you get paid as we explore this new ptc site?
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@mysdianait (65062)
• Italy
13 Jul 08
You can count me in on this one. Only one problem - it all sounds very similar to a site I joined yesterday. Please send the link and if I'm not there you will soon see me
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• United States
13 Jul 08
Quite alright. I knew it might have already been on your list of sites to test, but I'm glad the team can help give you an additional page to help promote them.