Have you tried cooking by refering books?

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@alienstar (5143)
July 13, 2008 3:02am CST
There are many books in the market on cooking and amny of them have tried to cook referring books here? i have tried once by refering books and outcome was horrible..ha..ha..it also needs patience and also interest in doing something which you want to isn't it and sometimes even having interest in doing, you wil not succceed in getting great output isn't it?
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@coolmailraj (2461)
• India
13 Jul 08
cookbooks - Cookbooks are not granny's night time story book, they help you to be in a situation that is out of hands most of the time you try having control over it.
Hi. I have tried it a couple of times, thrice to be exact and don't think it worked out the way I wanted it to be. The biggest problem in using a cook book is that the color they mention that your dish should turn to in some specified time of cooking. I have never been able to produce that color.
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13 Jul 08
ya i had tried cooking by a book but i felt it very difficult. the reason was that its theoritical and i was doing a practical work.
• Vietnam
13 Jul 08
I love to buy books including cooking books but I've only used them once while trying to make a cake for my friend. It turned out quite good ^^
• Philippines
13 Jul 08
Hello, alienstar! I cannot relate to you because I don't know how to cook a single thing. But I saw my grandmother cook desserts with a cooking book that she bought and when we tasted it, it was so sweet and delicious! I really love eating desserts... But whatever you do, if you don't put your heart on it, it will not be as great as when you put your heart on it! Just an advice! Have a nice day!