which tennis player do you like most

July 13, 2008 6:05am CST
roger federer,the king of men's single nowadays.rafael nadal,a super young tennis star. in the wimbledon open of this year.nadal defeated federer in the final,and he won his first wimbledon open champion,at the same time,federer lost the chance to win wimbledon open champion six time in a row.and in the wimbledon open of this year,safin came back,he became one of the last four,and only narrowly defeated by federer. on the other hand,women players who played very well that we have to refer to is zheng ji from china,this sichuan girl defeated many good players like ivanovic and is only defeated by s.williams.and after the match,she said she would donated all her prize to the people who suffered a lot in sichuan.and her action let the world knew her brilliant heart.
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