how would you describe love? welcome to join this discussion?

@qwe123 (253)
July 13, 2008 6:54am CST
how would you describe love? sweet bitter swet if it can be compared to food what fod would it be an orange r a bittle cucumber? what other stuff can it be compared to in your opinion? it is very ridiculous to compare love to any kinds of food and love is also can be divided into two which are the love among family and the one between lovers for the former it is sweet biitter sweet or something comn\bine all the feelingsfor the latter it is more like a stove which you can get warmth if you get hurts outside that can sing both high and low trip no further pretty sweetin journeys end in lovers meeting every wise man's son doth know what is love? tis not hereafter present mirth harth present laughter what is to come is still unsure in delay there lies not plenty it may add up to all tastes of the food you can not simply taste it fully at onve sometimes you feel it biter but soon you may feel it sweet it is hard to desribe it then come kiss me sweet and twenty youth's a stuff will not endure
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