Delete Your Photos on Mylot,Would you?

@shinjiao (1463)
July 13, 2008 7:38am CST
Seconds ago, I deleted my photos on mylot. I don't know why, maybe I just want to hide my real appearance,because if someone googles SHINJIAO, he/she will find my real identity.Shinjiao,this name is used both on mylot and on another Chinese website.Be honest,in my opinion,shinjiao should be a little bit mysterious person online,especially on the Chinese website,but if someone googles shinjiao,it is easily to find my photo on mylot. (Oh,I'm a fool.If I want to hide my real identity,I should not upload my photos.) I know plenty of mylotters choose their own photos as profiles and upload photos here,share with others.But has anyone wanted to delete the photos of yourself? Or does anyone who ever consider deleting your photos but ultimately not do it? Maybe I'm crazy! :P Everybody, has a wonderful day!
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@secretbear (19458)
• Philippines
3 Sep 08
hi shinijao! i have never thought of deleting my actual pictures in my profile. in the first place, i didn't know we can delete any photos there. but anyway, i never thought deleting anyone of them because i always think that no one would bother to take a look at them. i mean, they might look at my profile but i don't think they would bother to browse at my photos. although before, a few friends have seen them and even commented on them. but now, i don't think no one bothers to look at them so i don't bother to delete them. i don't mind people seeing my real appearance but i chose to use a different avatar because i want people here to remember me as a cheerful girl (just like my avatar shows) and i want them to instantly know that i am an anime fanatic like you.
@Shawchert (1040)
• United States
13 Jul 08
As long as people aren't using my pictures, I don't mind, but it's not like I'm telling them the exact location in where I'm located... besides Shawchert is so unique once you look it up, (just about) all of it is all me. lol.