I think i don't give freedom to her but she says that i am wrong to think that.

July 13, 2008 8:27am CST
In my opinion I don't let my girl to stay free. When we return back home, I drop her to her doorstep at home. When we go to office we go together, but sometime only she goes alone and i feel bad about that. Last time she went to have fun with her friends whom she doesn't know much better and only have chatted. She told me about this and i really felt bad. I am too much conservative minded and i don't permit her to go anywhere without my interest. But when i ask her about that, she replies me saying that its nothing. She accepts my behavior and says that i am not seizing her freedom. Please help me what to do, i am scared that this will create problem in future. I won't permit her to do overnight job after we got married. I am also scared that she'll realize this one day and leave me.. Please help me to get rid of my narrow mindism. Won't this create problem in future huh? thanx in advance for your reply. Have a nice day.
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@jbrooks0127 (2326)
• United States
13 Jul 08
To begin with you are to be commended to recognize that you are being narrow minded about this. When you say you are more conservative than she I fully understand what you say. You are very much afraid that if she has the freedom to go and do as she wishes there will come a time when she will no longer find you attractive or may find someone else she likes more. However you must see that by restricting her, by insisting that she only go and do as you say, you will ultimately drive her away. No matter our culture or how we are raised, all of us, male or female, have a basic right to self direction. By making her stay with you and never allowing her the freedom to do as she wants you will loose. Your desire to keep her close is based upon your need, not hers. You fear that you may loose her and believe that you can control that. Even if you locked her in a room and never let her out you would loose her. You would have her physical body but would have lost her mind and heart. Give her the freedom she needs, just as you have that freedom, show her every day how much you love her and how important she is to you and you will have no fears of loss. If you continue with what you feel now it will get far worse in the future and one way or the other you will lose her.
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• Nepal
14 Jul 08
yeah, I liked it. I realized it some what.. thanx for your response here.