your marriage opinion

@qwe123 (253)
July 13, 2008 10:42am CST
would you marry the one you love or the oe that loves you? why is it always so comlicated? i do not know how to handle this love can not make do if a does not want o marry me i would rather be single only if b is really excellent and does everyhting to amje me moved i do not jnow it si the toughest question c i intend to amrry the one loves me fristly somebod loves me she would consider for me much more than herself she never angry frequently and i ned not give in to her for everything compare with the one i love i should try my best to let her be appy secondly i second maybe i di not love her just the begining as we know amybe someday sooner or later i wil excite the emotions in the course of time and then i love her deply so is not it cortunate that someone could live with the one loves him as well as she wil be the one he love finally thridly i do not know for the two points above i thin it is surely enpugh to pick up the heart whcih loves you of course you also have the potence to court you loves buat remember that try to fall the injures the one loves tu taken to smallerst
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