The creativity of Art

@Janeel (19)
United States
July 13, 2008 4:25pm CST
I love all sorts of art and craft. I myself do drawing, beading jewelry and other crafts and I hope to learn more. I would love to learn knitting and embroidery they seem very interesting. Looking at others art can be very nice but creating my own is much more fun. The more I do Art the more I learn cause practice makes perfect. I just recently started doing more of it and I am enjoying it very much. What kinds of Art and Crafts do you do? Does making your own designs motivate you do more?
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• United States
13 Jul 08
I love to crochet and i can make my own patterns. I have also taught myself to knit but find i prefer to crochet. I have a new craft that i find that i love. Its kind of like cross stitching but instead of making an "x" you make a "/". I like it alot more than cross stitch because i don't accidentally go the wrong way with my "x's"
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• Lubbock, Texas
30 Aug 08
That's called needlepoint. I can get so lost on one of those and the next thing I know my /'s are going all different directions. It does make very pretty pictures!
• Lubbock, Texas
30 Aug 08
I've probably tried every type of needle work there is, but my standbys are crochet and bead weaving. I also enjoy making my own natural soaps and skin care products. That may not seem like "art" but it certainly is craft and makes a big difference in my life. I've made a couple of bead woven tapestries that add to my fairy collection. I'm always very proud when someone comments on things I've made myself. It give me a sense of accomplishment that I wouldn't get from buying things.