The Universe ~ Top Ten Questions

@Gerean (60)
United States
July 13, 2008 6:44pm CST
I am interested in reading MyLotters Top Ten Questions About the Universe. With the Universe being the icon of all that is "vast," and MyLot being a symbol of vast questions and opinions, the two should partner up pretty well. I hope MyLotters will respond in a list form (from 1 - 10), with their questions about the Universe. I expect that some amazingly interesting discussions will come about, simply based on the thought that the questions themselves will evoke. Example Question: In terms of an infinite universe, what fraction of infinite time, has science calculated (if any) as a means to estimate what fraction of knowledge modern man now has toward understanding the expanse of the universe. Philosophical Question? Maybe.
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@planejane (188)
13 Jul 08
1. While I know that earth's moon is not made of cheese, are there any moons in parts of the universe that are, in fact, made of cheese. And if so, what sort of cheese?
@Gerean (60)
• United States
14 Jul 08
Being a true believer that "Everything is Possible," I would have to say that it is possible that there are moons in parts of the universe that are made of cheese. What sorts of cheeses are they made of? Therein lies another stimulating topic for a MyLot discussion start-up. (Your response gave me a smile ~ thanks)