why does people spit anywhere?

July 14, 2008 2:19am CST
today im disgusted when i saw people spitting anywhere..on the grass or on the road.. and the dustbin is just nearby.why dont they just walk a few more steps to the dustbin and spit there.Government always tell us to keep our environment clean.I even saw a cleaner spitting on the ground.He's a cleaner who always keep the place clean and yet he still spit anywhere.thats ridiculous.
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@currykai (427)
• Malaysia
14 Jul 08
Hi, I guess these people think of convenience sake as spitting nearby then going to toilet to do it! It is most awful especially those who spitted out from their vehicle and it landed to your vehicle. I experienced before from a lorry driver. Is really bad imagine small kids who see these actions and they tend to follow. Gross!