Do You Agree in a Teacher- Student Relationship?

@gelotan (107)
July 14, 2008 3:01am CST
...why yes, and why not? give your best shot...
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• United States
15 Jul 08
I think that such a relationship is quite frankly creepy and disgusting. There is a huge power imbalance as well as the lure of the forbidden going on. The only way I could see a student-teacher relationship as less creepy would be if the age difference was understandable, like less than 5 years for a high schooler and a young teacher, and even then it would not be a good idea to pursue the relationship while the student was a minor. We have our age of consent laws for a reason.
14 Jul 08
my high school teacher and a student younger than me by 1 year had a relationship before. we would always say "yuck" and "pedophile" against our teacher's back. but 7 years later, we found out that they're now married. i don't agree but it happens. we can't control love and as they say, age doesn't matter.
@bumba1988 (1220)
• India
14 Jul 08
Well,before telling others that what I personally think on this matter,I must say that I think that though it may sound somehow philosophical but Love dos not know any bound,it does noy follow any age.A teacher & a student can fall for each other but that is not necessarily meant to be become husband and wives later.I personally would not like to fall in such a relationship.but who knows what is in store for you.
@rlawliet (140)
• Philippines
14 Jul 08
i would go for.. no!.. one thing: RESPECT! hehe.. =)