A mother loses her children over a Swastika.

@Latrivia (2888)
United States
July 14, 2008 12:25pm CST
Before I begin, you should navigate to the news article and read up. http://religiouschildabuse.blogspot.com/2008/07/mother-of-girl-with-swastika-wants.html Since that's out of the way - what the heck, Canada? If I were Canadian I'd be so ashamed of my government. I guess living in America, you take for granted the fact that you're legally allowed to speak your mind. This little girl wanted a Swastika drawn on her arm, and when her mother redrew it after it was washed off, the government just came in and took her children away. I can't imagine living in a country where my children can be taken away because of MY beliefs. Since when did having an opinion make you an unfit parent? Some people have tried to argue that decking a child out in such symbols in psychological abuse. I don't see how they justify that, given that it doesn't psychologically harm the child in any way. Psychological abuse is when you tear your child down emotionally and mentally until you have nothing left but an empty shell with hardly enough self-esteem to fill a thimble. Psychological abuse is NOT telling your kids that you should be proud of you white heritage, or that certain races or beliefs systems are inferior. Is it a disgusting thing to teach your kids, yes - but is it abuse? The experts don't think so, and neither do I. Now, I put this in the debate section because I've discussed it with other people, many of whom are Canadians, or members of the American branch of Thought Police, and they seem to disagree with me. Some suffer from the delusion that Canada does have free speech and that teaching your kids to be racist is psychologically harmful. So I would like to know, what do you, my fellow MyLotters think? Are there any Canadians out there that are at all upset about this? I know there will be plenty of Americans who are. It's almost mind boggling that such a blantent example of oppression occurred so close to our borders. I've completely lost respect for the Canadian government.
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