Vending - Trying to buy a new Hybrid

@Bytemi (1553)
United States
July 14, 2008 1:27pm CST
I currently own a 2006 Hybrid and I have been looking to upgrade. My hybrid was the first model year and they have made significate changes in the last year that would make the driving experience better. Did you know that dealerships are now charging 3 to 4 thousand dollars over MSRP for Hybrids? Does this seem right to you. When buying a new car you lose money as soon as you drive it off the lot, if you pay MSRP, now I have to lose that money and another $4,000. That just seems wrong to me. Why is it that they can raise the price and go over MSRP on New Hybrids and yet when I suggested that they give me 3 or 4 thousands over Kelly Blue Book for my trade-in they laughed. Isn't the theory the same. My hybrid as a used car is more valueable because it is hybrid. What do you think. Should dealers be able to sell are car for over MSRP? If so, shouldn't they give me more for my hybrid?
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@the52poet (126)
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16 Jul 08
I see that sort of thing more and more as the economy slides further down. I shop online for most of my computer parts, but I research carefully. MSRP is ONLY a suggestion, the retailer can place ANY price they choose an an item for sale. The MSRP is required of manufacturers so consumers will have an idea of what they SHOULD be paying for an item. I have found new PC Power Supplies with MSRP of $49.99 and yet the exact item may be selling for as much as $129, or as little as $28.50. I believe it's simply a matter of finding a retailer/dealer with the right code of ethics. The MSRP already has the dealers markup calculated, so it's simply a matter of how much more YOU are willing to give up to buy the item. Hard to find items, I could see an increase, but not with most NEW products.
@Bytemi (1553)
• United States
17 Jul 08
Honestly, I just think it is absurd that they can just randomly raise the price like that. The dealer that I was speaking with told me they are not selling as many gas cars as they use to so they are trying to make up the money with the hybrids. OK get a better product not out price you good cars. Or is it just me that sees it that way?