Personal Accountability- Take it

July 14, 2008 6:52pm CST
There has been people I know or hear about that tend to blame others for everything. Even things that are more than likely their own fault alone. For some reason I noticed that a lot of people can not accept that the consequence is likely due to their own action. For instance a person will knowingly break the rules or the law and then have the nerve to admit it publicly. Anyone can hear their admission or read it for themselves. However if another mentions this, even casually, the person who broke the rules in the first place is the first to get angry over it. Though they themself first said it outloud. They then blame the person who merely repeated it. Especially if something were to happen to them as a result. This to me is poor character. If you let it out that you broke the rules or law then maybe you will get the consequences of your own action. Do not blame another, they weren't the ones who broke the rules or law. YOU were. Just because they mentioned it or reported you on it does not give them any blame in what happened! Chances are your own public admission is the very thing that did you in anyway! I mean, if you say it publicly then those in authority may have witnessed/read it. DUH! But yet alas, people can still get enraged and email people nasty messages about the person who merely repeated it blaming that person for the the consequences of the law breakers action. This is childish and nonsense to me. Anyone else notice this or have experience on either side? I am curious to hear about it.
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@vanities (11409)
• Davao, Philippines
15 Jul 08
well i guess its the truth ..its always the guilty one who usually reacts if discovered..its like kind of defense ..some people adapts when he could face the reality that he commits a mistake..
• Netherlands
15 Jul 08
Yes and if the guilty one talks about what they did in the first place letting everyone know, they certainly only have themself to blame if they are caught. It's like standing in a crowd of people and saying very loudly "I robbed a store last night." And everyone hear. Then you get caught and have the nerve to get mad that someone repeated what you said. It is crazy.
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@jillhill (37377)
• United States
15 Jul 08
Yes.....I know alot of people like this....not just someone who has broken the rules. Some people can't even accept if they make a mistake and try to blame it on someone else by saying....he or she didn't tell me....or I didn't know..and as far as blaming a broken law on someone else I imagine only a coward would do that.