the unbearable loneliness

@raclie (1732)
July 14, 2008 10:04pm CST
well.... for the longest time, i have been in class during break, while the whole class is talking and laughing out of the class, having their breakfast so here i am, alone, trying the worksheet of the day and listening to the song in my playlist it is much better than the slience that is, at times, overwelming i have to stay in class, as all the laptops are here... wow.... i am so disappointed in them and the amount of selfishness they have at times. and at times mean every first breakout. one day, i shall pack my laptop, and valuables, and get out of the class, even if i am still alone, at least there is no slience ringing in my ears and just be by myself. hope, just once, one of their laptops will be stolen... but.... i dont think so, they will just push their blame on me... ah....s club 7 now... oh well.... finished listening to the corrs anyway...
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@noober (1)
• Singapore
15 Jul 08
wow that's so sad... but have you though over it? what makes them so bonded and chatting happily and leaving you out alone? well, i assume you haven't... like you said they have their breakfast and so there you are, alone, trying the worksheet of the day and listening to the song in your playlist, but let me ask you a question "what makes the class leave you alone?" have you though over it? as from what i know, i'm sure that the class of yours surely have something that they dislike about you or for whatever reasons they have and here you are calling them selfish? did you ever though of self reflecting what is the problem that causes the class of yours leaving you alone and not asking you to go along? And last but not least, there's a sentence i want to say to you "people will always blame the whole world and not yourself" and a quote "Take your life in your hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame"
@magojordan (3254)
• Philippines
15 Jul 08
Just a tip, so that you won't feel lonely anymore, try to make friends with other people in your class. A good friend is a good company even when you're not on class.
@planejane (188)
15 Jul 08
Some of the most lonely times in my life have been in crowded rooms, especially in classrooms.