long distance love...is it good or not

July 15, 2008 5:26am CST
i have experience in long distance love, and it's not success for me, so if anyone success with long distance love lets share together in this discussion
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• Indonesia
24 Jul 08
no i don't think you will did again, it will make you desperate. .. believe me dude!!
• United States
22 Jul 08
I am in a long distance relationship, and although it is hard, my boyfriend and I make it work because we love each other and believe in our relationship. Right now, it is easier because I am home for the summer, but when I go back to school in August, it will be hard again. We have learned to completely trust each other. We talk often and we do fun, cute things with each other even though we are hundreds of miles apart. For example, we have movie dates where we just set time aside and watch the same movie while on the phone. It's simple and you get to spend time with the person. Long distance relationships require creativity in order for it to work well. We just take it one day at a time knowing that with every day that passes, it will be one day closer to seeing each other again. It's hard and there are problems, but we overcome them.
• Malaysia
21 Jul 08
I've been in a long distance relationship before. No doubt it was very hard, especially with the time difference. i have no idea how i survived that, but i did. drove me nuts at times and made me cry too. but there are many means to keep in touch; telephone, email, IMs, digi cam..etc. i missed him a lot, every single second and wish i could see him or for him to be physically there with me, whenever i was sad or happy. you need to have a solid trust, as you're not able to see what your other half is doing. And you need to have lots of faith, enough to not make you give up on your relationship. but i believe, in the end, love is what that holds you together. if two people really love each other, no matter how far they apart they are, they'll be able to go thru the relationship. love knows no boundaries;).
@sweetie1026 (1723)
• Philippines
18 Jul 08
I think there is nothing wrong with long distance love. It depends on the two people in love. It will work for them if they are really and deeply in love with each other. It takes a lot of understanding for both parties concerned. They have a lot to take into consideration, their families, religion, culture and a lot more. But if they are really sure of their feelings for each other nothing is impossible. I beleive that love knows no boundaries......
@alian818 (113)
• China
17 Jul 08
i have to say,it is really difficult to deal with such relationship.My huz and I live in two cities,We meet each other about once or twice a month.It takes much money and time for us,and sometimes it's exhausting. We miss each other when we are apart,especially in some holidays or in tough days.So I think the people ,who want to build relationship of long distance love,must love each other deeply and be totally ready to sacrifice much.
@lchiat (1070)
• Malaysia
16 Jul 08
hm... it depends... sometime if got a distance wif ur loveone then mayb wil be more love each other... if alwes stick together sometime will feel that we dun hv our own time... so long distance love oso not bad...
@vipulchawla (2220)
• India
15 Jul 08
Long-Distance Relationships.. I have stopped believing in them somewhat until and unless they turn out into real life relationships as soon as possible.. I had been in one relationship which ended up after 3 years but we could not see each other even once in 3 years.. I met a girl online, about 5 years back. We had a nice chat and we continued to chat on alternate days for about one month. By that time she had given me her phone number so we started talking on phone. We exchanged our pics and did like each other. I even proposed her after 2 months or so and she accepted my proposal after another month. We went away nicely. But unfortunately couldn't meet each other ever. We loved each other(as i hope) and everytime i could think of meeting her(we lived in different cities) some or the other thing happened which won't allow us to meet. Situations were turning against us.Then after 2 years or so, some incident happened with her due to which our relation started declining. She was not allowed to talk to boys. And i kept on asking her for time so that i can come over to her place to see her. But unfortunately we ended up and i still don't know the reason..WHY?. I still try to contact her, but she doesn't picks up the call because she can't talk to me in the presence of her family. I ask her to give me a miss call whenever its possible to talk, but hardly she does that. So as far as i m concerned, i used to believe in long-distance relationships, but i am afraid to take any chances now. I have seen a 4 year relationship ending up in 4 months just because they got separted after 4 years. So you really can't belive.. Whats gonna happen?
@valeria1 (2723)
• United States
15 Jul 08
I have a success. Even though looked like would not be possible today I am married to him. I was in USA he in France. We talked through computers for an year. We met once thinking that will be it, but was not. Got worse we could not live our lives separated from each other. Today I am married to him and he is my Real Love! Is the best thing I did in my life!