The Secret.

July 15, 2008 7:27am CST
Do you read self-improvement books? What makes you want to read them? In what way does it help in your life? Does it contribute to your own personal growth? Do you have any favorites? I read quite a few self-improvement books, and I think I wanna talk about a book I have read last year. It still helps me now in everything that I do. I would like to share this with all of you, and hoepfully it helps. ^^ I grew up a tough teenage life. Many things happen in my family and I used to believe that I can never make it in life. I tried to change things my own way, work very hard for them and most of the time, I never achieved what I really want. This book, The Secret, comprises of many quotes and information and action plans, for you to work towards your goals. "Whatever the mind can concieve, it can achieve" I can say for sure that I am getting better as i learn those action plans for myself. While some may say that, the action plans and the things they teach are so simple and is easily available, I believe that the books serve more like a reminder everyday, rather than just a book itself. Share your views with me =) Lets learn from each other ^^
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15 Jul 08
I've read The Secret as well, and have watched the movie. It has actually helped me in getting over depression. I had a therapist for a while, but watching The Secret helped me to go further. At first, it was kind of scary, but then when you figure out how to change your thoughts, thus changing your feelings, then changing the outcome, it wasn't scary anymore, and it started to make sense. I needed a re-programming in my thinking so to speak. I had been depressed for years, and so it was a very hard habit to break. I still have trouble sometimes, but it gets better and better with each day.
• Singapore
15 Jul 08
I see that it had helped you ^^ Thats good to know. I agree with you that negative thoughts can sometimes be hard to change thats why we always have to keep ourself reminded to focus on whatever that is positive in our life and keep ourself focus for the whole day. For me I usually have notes and some cards in my wallet to keep me focus on my dreams and goals ^^ and keep myself pon the right track. What about you? Would you want to share how you keep yourself focus on the right track? =)
• United States
16 Jul 08
I basically have what is called "secret shifters." They will shift my negative thoughts to positive ones. Some of mine are, my thoughts of how great my friends are, my little cousin's smiling face, puppies, kittens, any baby really. These will immediately give me warm fuzzy feelings. I also just watched the movie "Pursuit of Happyness." And I think to myself, the guy that Will Smith is playing really went through all of this stuff, and if he did it, and came out on top, then certainly I can deal with my situation.