Window Vista Operating System

July 15, 2008 7:42am CST
Window Vista Operating System is the latest version?That means is better than Window XP?What type of computer can support this OS?
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• Egypt
15 Jul 08
vista good but its need special things like new versions of the soft were and need lots of update and i think its good but i prefer xp cuz its easy and simple
• Malaysia
15 Jul 08
Thanks...that means XP simple n easy to use..the best way is using XP....
@godkid308 (105)
15 Jul 08
I have vista and i dont like it. I would rather go back to windows xp. vista just eats a load of my ram up, and has so many glitches to it, like programs not working even in compatibility mode, all this just to look retro. and it requires a lot of updates. I reccomend you not to go with vista and just use xp. it is more simple and user friendly. enjoy:)
15 Jul 08
Hi there, I disagree with the other comments stating that Xp is better than Vista. I disagree. It needs a minimum of: 1 Gb Ram 1 Ghz Processor 32 Mb Graphics card Directx 9 Sure the more you have the better it runs, I slightly higher than the minimum requirements and it runs like a dream. MS Has released many updates indeed but when you have updated Vista, there will be no errors. I have never had a single error since I insalled SP1. I personally think Vista is easy to use, its no harder than XP. The visual effects are better and it has more tools to use. Yes some old software will not work but personally i have had no problems running programs from windows 98 and windows me and windows xp. This is because you can use the compatability tool on any program in vista. I have had vista since its release and honestly i dont regret it one bit and i will never go back to windows xp. Hope this helps Dhicks2008
@vicky30 (4771)
• India
15 Jul 08
A computer with a faster processor.A minimum of 1 GB ram is needed to run vista.It especially needs a very high configuration to rum smoothly.