Running into some one you haven't seen in a long time ...

@ebsharer (5516)
United States
July 15, 2008 11:47am CST
Do you ever notice that when you look the worst you run into some one that you haven't seen in a longgggg time? Or you run into that person you went to high school with and think uggg I wish I didn't gain that 25 pounds last month (okay a little exeraction there but you get the point) A friend of mine was divorced she was out and ran into her ex husband - guess what she was wearing - one of the t-shirts she had bought on there honeymoon! You know the ones with the city name really big on it! It was the first time she put it on in forever and it just had to be that day she ran into him! So what is your experance in running into some one you haven't seen in a long time. Were you looking your best or worst ...
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@KellyMate (362)
15 Jul 08
I ran into my ex boyfriends mother a few days ago, and it was soo terrible! She obviously thinks her darling son is just an angel! When he soo isnt! And it was in ashopping centre that I saw her, i was with my new boyfriend! And wearing a short skirt, which she never did like me doing! And It was such a shock, luckily she wasnt with her son, because I would have swung for him a few times if she was! but still seeing her was strange! She just had to ask me ' so why did you and Ben break up?' I was like oooh theres my friend gotta go! lol