runescape is getting better or worse?

July 15, 2008 5:29pm CST
what do u think is happening to runescape? is it getting better or way worse? if u think better i agree and if you think worse i still agree.
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• Estonia
16 Jul 08
Runescape is getting better in my opinion. I love the new graphics. Too bad that they made the 3k limit but it's ok - atleast noone can realy scam anyone now. Also they have almost made so that noone would mind the limit - Loaning, assist, etc. I dont care at all about the wildy. I can't understand why do people whine so much about removing it and they are still making riots.
• Canada
17 Jul 08
ya i know i hate the riots there really annoying.
@FreeM1 (27)
• Sweden
5 Dec 08
I think they're getting both worse and better. It's good that they made a trade limit BUT they should make it higher like 50K or something (look at the recent updates it's 10K max for f2p and 60K max for member). They'be made new system (Pvp worlds). There u can pk but u don't get what they drop, instead u get a lot depending on what kind and how much ur armour/wep are worth.
• United States
18 Nov 08
in my opinion its getting worse ever since they took trade limit off. before whenever i would make a new file and i wanted to transfer money from my old one to my new one it would work. now with the 3k trading limit it sucks. they tried to make it better by raising the amount to 5k, but it still wont be the same.
@d0d313 (66)
• United States
17 Jul 08
woreas thers no pvp and what good is item lenidng but no pvp the duel arena is getting sucish but i quit after tehy took off the pking it not fun any more so i started to play wow and wow private server there u can alway kill and it alot better then rs im guing becusing u can make freinds and u have more race to chose from and and make what u want both are good but the updates are what got me to changeto wow it is preaty good u should try pirvate server for free see if u like and maybe then pay for normal pvp wow will be a good choice if pking come back to rs more will come lots qit rs after no pking i had leve 95 i quit after pking was gone iu gave it to my freind
• United States
15 Jul 08
Well with all the new updates like item lending it looks like they are trying to make up for the trading update. The only reason i'd go back to RS would be if some friends were playing it or I was Really bored. I logged in to try out the new update with the graphics, it's all well and all but its a bit laggy on my comp, and my comp is pretty good so it must be a problem server-side. All in all I'd say rs is trying to get back the members it lost from the trading update but it wont get any better in my opinion until they bring back the old trading system and pking.