Any member of Alertpay bux?

@dodyast3 (1518)
July 15, 2008 10:30pm CST
I am wondering about this site whether they are real or scam. I already have $3.23, but still cannot request for payout. Here are the rules in TOS for free members: As a Free member You may request to cashout once every 15 days as soon as your account will be allowed to cashout at least $1.00. As a Free member You get paid a portion of your account balance - not all of it depending on what is available to free members at that time. Everytime I asked for payout, here are the written on the screen: As a Free member,The amount of Money that You will be able to cashout depends on the current available money generated by AlertPayBux and destinated to free members. Gold members get paid in full once that their account will reach $5.00. Whoops, Currently You are allowed to cashout $0.37 from your account. Alertpay minimum payment is $1.00; You will need to click some more links to get to request payment. The highest numbers I can reach was not more then 60 cents. So I want to check whether any member of this site already got paid from them. Thanks
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