just a goodmorning to you all

@shelly43 (1197)
July 16, 2008 4:14pm CST
hi all, well today im staying in as its cold and i want to get my star some day soon, i dont think it will be today but im gonna stay on here and just chat for a while today.. so i just wanted to say hi and hows every ones day or morning going.. HUGS
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@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
16 Jul 08
My day is going fine -- I got up a little earlier than I wanted to so I've felt a bit sluggish today but that's OK. It looks like you've still got a ways to go before you get a star, but it's not something you need to hurry. Look at me, for instance...I just got my star this week after a YEAR on MyLot! I think it's sweeter to me that I've gotten it after all this time than if I had become a heavy user of MyLot immediately and gotten it very quickly.
@shelly43 (1197)
• Australia
16 Jul 08
hi and thank you so true what your saying i love to chat and get into a discussion bt we can only do so much in a day lol..i know i will get mine and its some thing i guess i can look forward to.. thank you for your kind words and i hope your day is a wonderful one.. keep on smiling and mylotting have fun HUGS