Forget the $4 Frappawhatever drinks the best drink at Starbucks

United States
July 16, 2008 6:27pm CST
only cost $2 and some change. I'm not talking about the regular drip coffee because we all know that sucks. No teas, no chais, no frozen fruity drinks. Simply walk into your favorite Starbucks and boldly walk up to the counter (unless there are people in front of you, then you have to wait your turn) and ask for a tall Americano. That's it. This delectable drink is made with shots of espresso poured into a tall cup and then filled the remainder of the way with hot water. Simple. Easy. Cheaper. Better. Then proceed to the little drink station and make the Americano your own by adding wither sugar (I use Raw) and/or cream. Trust me this is the best drink around and close to the cheapest at Starbucks. Give it a try.
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