What is your all time favorite game in ps2?

July 17, 2008 3:15am CST
mine is GOW,GOW2,MK shalion monks,Tennis
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• India
2 Oct 08
GOD OF WAR 1 ANd GOD OF WAR 2 , Urban Reign , shadow of colossus, god hand , crash nitro , here comes the pain , raw vs smackdown and there is a big hell of list cant tell u in words tht how many games in my playstation i love
• Pakistan
30 Jul 08
My all time favorite games in ps2 are gta san andreas vice city mortal kombat shalion monks,scarface call of duty series and smack down vs raw series....
• Australia
18 Jul 08
i'm an big fan of adventure games as well as action, well my favriot ps2 game is... kingdom harts by far of any other game acept final fantasy 12 and grand theft auto. what i love about kingdom harts is the story line i love to turn the sound up and listen to the cut seens. also the cool moves you can do especially in kingdom harts 2.
@zeroflashx2 (2492)
• Philippines
17 Jul 08
Ahh I can still remember the real old Playstation 2 I had. I was one of the lucky people who got the first US version of the PS2. But aside from having the system, my real reason why I wanted a PS2 is for a specific game. Final Fantasy X. I am a fan of the Final Fantasy series across a lot of platforms. Since this game is the first in the series with great graphics and voice almost all through out, it got me real excited. So, along with the PS2, I bought my Final Fantasy X. As time goes by, until, I still love playing it. I remember going more than 150 hours on my first game. I do like other games. A few of which are Gran Turismo 3/4 and Metal Gear Solid 2/3. But still, Final Fantasy X will be on top.
@xJonox (222)
17 Jul 08
That's a good question as there is so many! We have every console now but we always play on the ps2... I'd say the games I like the most are: Crash Nitro Carts, GTA Vice City, Tony Hawks 4 (2 and 4 are THE best ones!) and some others I don't remember =) Oh yeah! MK Deadly Allience! God bless Ps2! haha