Maximum number of discussions

July 17, 2008 12:51pm CST
What is the maximum number of discussions you have started in a day? If not exact, approximate number of discussions? Mine in a day, i believe it to be twelve.
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@alkurishy (2069)
• Iraq
18 Jul 08
I start discussions about 5 or 6 a day, and response to between 5 to 10 discussions but it is depends on the topic of the discussions and if you have something to add .
• United States
17 Jul 08
I used to do about 6 or 7 but found that you can make just about same earnings if not better making responses so I try to do that. I tried to make two discussions today but every time I got errors and lost my discussions! I cannot cut and paste so that is very frustrating, I just keep my ideas in a WORD doc. Twelve discussions man thats some work lol
@Hatley (164180)
• Garden Grove, California
17 Jul 08
hi snakequeen I donot always post a discussion every day but when I do I post maybeone or two as I write fairly long discussions and also I want to do responses a lot more than discussions I do not do one line discussions as I do not get paid for them .In order to get paid you must have quality length and intelligence.
@snowy22315 (95143)
• United States
17 Jul 08
I havent started more than one or two in a day. I am usually responding to posts. I only start a discussion if something pops into my head or if I am seeking information about soething in particular. I'm happier responding and I think you usually make more money that way also.
@bbsr13 (4197)
• India
17 Jul 08
Hello,queen!I initiate discussions very rarely.usually i respond to discussions initiated by others..such response per day on an average is ten and on few occasions it exceeded twenty. i remember on one occasion i responded twenty three discussions.thanx.
• United States
17 Jul 08
There was one day(yesterday) where I was on MyLot the entire day because it was rainy outside. I made $1.04 last night and I've made 14 discussions & responded about 65 times.