Does love end with a person or do you believe it is eternal?

July 17, 2008 4:19pm CST
Many people's lives come crushing down for a refusal ba a single person.I know its painful but why do we forget that love is not a boundation on someone,loving someone doesnt mean that other person should also love you.As more and more people misunderstand the meaning of love more its prestige is being degraded for now people have come to believe that love only spoils life.They need to understand that it is not love but their thinking that spoils their life. If you have loved someone truly than she will be with you always in your thoughts and your heart.They say journeys end in lover's meetings,we should always be hopeful that if something is truly ours than no matter how far it goes it will certainly come back to us one day,the heyday.And glorious will be its coming because it will be decorated with long yearning and it will herald a new life.
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@Munchkin547 (2778)
18 Jul 08
I hear what you're saying but it's kind of hard to live your life waiting for something that might never happen! I wish i had that kind of blind faith!! There's all those sayings about love out there (it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all - try telling that to someone who's just had their heart broken!!!) I believe that while we are not necessarily destined to be reunited with loved ones we have become separated from, the impact they have on our lives is lasting. When a relatioship comes to an end that person leaves a little piece of them with you, you learn from any mistakes and it adds to the person that you are. I keep trying to tell myself that every one that passes me by is one closer to the guy i'm destined to be with forever, but at the end of the day all these romanticised ideas of love are just what get us through the day without feeling down, if you're a good person you'll be surrounded by love, even if not a romantic love, and the love of family and friends can be rewarding too, people need to understand that romantic love is not the be all and end all and if we didn't spend so much time dwelling on it we'd see it in a much more positive light, meaning we'd all probably have more of it! Bit of a rant there, hope it makes sense! hehe
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• India
18 Jul 08
hi, i am happy that you read my words thruoghly.While it is true that no one knows better than the one who has suffered it is not totally impossible to understand that we own only our love not others'.As you say that every one who paasses us is as much a part of our life as anyone else. My friend romantic love has a special place in life of some people which can not be fulfilled by anything else.Also I believe that people crave for love and they are destined to get their share either way through the family,f5riends, spouse,strangers or anybody else.
@rrdj71 (696)
• United States
18 Jul 08
LOVE DOES NOT END!! It lives within us and although people can come and go in our lives and hurt us sometimes we all have the ability to continue loving for the rest of our lives.