Is your current job connected to what you went to college for?

July 17, 2008 5:20pm CST
Are you working in the same field or similar to what you went to school for. Alot of people go to college or university for a certain thing, but in the end it doesnt always work out and they get a job in a total opposite field. My dad went to college for radio broadcasting and he had a job in that for about 20 years, after that he got a new job as a website designer, and now hes working towads being a recruiter at a local college. My mom never went to college and she herself have had many different jobs in total different areas, from radio to travel agent, to being a manager in a glasses store. Are you currently working in a job field that you went to college for? If so, what is it? Or if not, whats your current job and what did you go to school for? Im going to school this fall for business, and I hope to start my own, It might not awlays work that way though.
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