Drinking while pregnant?

United States
July 17, 2008 5:52pm CST
Do you think it is okay to drink a glass of wine a day while your pregnant? I don't know what it would hurt, but I would still not chance it. I would not put anything harmful into my body while carrying a child. You just never know long term effects or how much smarter they could have been if you hadn't have drank.
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• Belize
14 Nov 08
There's actually evidence to back up the idea that having the occasional drink can be beneficial for your child, affecting their social and cognitive behaviour for the better. They're clearly not advising that women can drink like a fish, 7 nights a week (!!), but drinking moderately - ie. on special occasions or once/twice a week - can help "mellow" your child. Have a read, there's a good article on it at the following site... http://www.foodeu.com/articles/Drink+Lightly+For+Calm+Children.aspx Hope this helps! Sally
@neildc (17247)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
18 Jul 08
I agree with you bailey. The effect of drinking while pregnant will not come out early, it usually manifest in the older age of the child. KEEP SMILING = NEIL