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July 17, 2008 9:54pm CST
Hey my college recently introduced a uniform system. Ok first let me tell you that I'm in an engineering college and there was no restriction on dress worn to the college. All the rules were do not wear t shirts having obscene slogans. One fine day morning we get a notice that we need to but 4 college T shirts of different colors and we need to wear them to college compulsorily. There was an exception if we had lab sessions that day(we had to wear lab uniform on those days). All I want to ask you people is that do you think that dress code or a uniform rule should be imposed in an engineering college? Aren't we all grown ups? Don't we know what to wear and what not to?
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@richiem (3646)
• Philippines
26 Aug 08
There are a lot of college students who do not want to wear uniforms. This is I think because they are teenagers and want to make an identity for themselves. So I think it is better not to impose uniforms on them. But if it is something security related, like if there has been some case when outsiders trudge in the school to kindle mayhem, I think imposing a uniform policy is one way of warding off outsiders. Have a nice day!
@rosedust82 (2073)
• Philippines
18 Jul 08
I think that it's okay. Or maybe because I've always studied in schools that require uniforms. I guess the reason why the school decided that you guys wear uniforms, in order for all of you to... well... look uniform. (no pun intended. ) You know nowadays how people dress right? I mean, you probably know which to wear and which not to wear... but there are a lot of people who don't. (You know what I mean). So to lessen that, they came up with the uniform.